Want an authentic, action-packed, unique paintball experience? Hawkesbury Paintball is New South Wales’ premium paintball venue for a reason. We have 12 different outdoor battlefields that each provide a unique experience for our participants. Where will your next adventure take you?


Get your heart racing in Speedball! This is a fast-paced field with wooden covers for you to hide behind while your enemies are shooting at you from afar. With the enemy team fast closing in on you, you can’t hide for long!

The Neck

You’ve got nowhere to hide. With only two bunkers, you’re out in the open in The Neck. Attack fast to claim your victory. Mark our words: you will be shot.


Someone’s always watching. Sniper has plenty of bushy hills for you to take someone out, but don’t lose focus. There may be a sniper aiming at you.

The Ferns

Take your opponents by surprise by hiding in the four-foot-deep ferns spread across the fields. With strategy and teamwork, you’ll be sure to claim victory.

The Village

In this crowd-pleasing nail biter, one team defends The Village while the other tries to take it. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will The Village belong to?


In this valley, there is only Kaos. Fight your way across this fast-paced battlefield, with plenty of barriers for you to fortify and strategize to take your enemies out.


Mayhem awaits. This full-on area includes a wide-open space and elevated platforms for the battle to truly get interesting.

The Rock Fort

The Rock Fort is yours for the taking. This rocky hill includes plenty of bunkers for you to protect and claim. Only one team will prevail.

Hill 60

Get your legs burning on Hill 60. With plenty of trees and barriers, sneak up on your opponents on this steep incline and conquer the hill.

The Forest

Battle it out in The Forest. Nature is your friend in this wildlife battlefield. Use the trees to your advantage to surround your enemies and take them out one by one.

The Creek

The ultimate game of survival. A cluster of barriers and trees, run along The Creek to take each other out. 

The Long Tan

There is only one winner in The Long Tan. This long stretch of hills and trees will have you, your teammates and your enemies scattered.