Welcome to Hawkesbury Paintball

Welcome to Hawkesbury paintball


With 12 exhilarating battlefields, you have a choice of experiences. Will you take cover in the bush? Scale rocky outcrops? Crawl through fern covered fields? Hawkesbury paintball uses the GOG eNMEy paintball markers. These brand new, light, fully pneumatic and rapid firing markers have revolutionised paintball, offering the highest performance and accuracy even new players will be impressed.

Throughout the field of battle, the sounds of helicopters and heavy artillery fire will provide the perfect background for this fully immersive, adrenaline pumping experience. Safety is taken seriously, with safety zones available in each battlefield for you to take time out and still watch the battle in front of you.

Plenty of off street parking. Hawkesbury Paintball will be the perfect place to bring your team. A new paintball shooting range has been built and is ready, for those not willing or able to join the action on field. It will provide a space for people to enjoy shooting targets, and to have the paintball experience, without the physical demands. It still takes skill to hit the targets!

Hawkesbury paintball has BBQ facilities at Combat HQ. These can be booked ahead for your group by calling the office ahead of time to guarantee space.

Remember! Paintball is a great team building exercise for businesses with staff able to interact in a high-pressure battle atmosphere or to just enjoy having the opportunity to shoot the boss.